LLAMAS OF ATLANTA - 470 Tibbitts rd -Dallas, GA 30132|
In the heart of Dixie, a new south has emerged fro m Sherman's ashes. Less than an hour away from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta, nestled in the rolling countryside, you will come upon Llamas of Atlanta
Passing through the gates, a lazy stream and lush greenery provoke thoughts of a quieter, simpler time - an invitation to enter the tradition of true Southern hospitality
We started raising Llamas and various exotic animals back in 1975, when Llamas were a rarity. Over the years,  all the other animals, like camels, deer, elk, yaks, zebras, etc, have come and gone. Then 20 years ago, we purchased several herds of Babydoll sheep and now have decided to concentrate on our Llamas and the ever so cute little sheep
Main Barn