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   The finest Livestock Guardian Dogs


Sadie x Lakota





Pink F -   Yellow F - SOLD Red F - SOLD

Tan F - Green cord F -  SOLD Blue F -  
Black M - SOLD - Jason Aqua M - SOLD - Sarah   Green M - SOLD-Mollie

Purple M - SOLD-Darlene







All of our dogs  are AKC registered.


 We give a 3 days guarantee to give you a chance to have them checked out by your veterinarian.

We also guarantee all of our puppies for 2 years against hip dysplasia

Deposit is $200 payable thru Paypal, balance due in cash at pick up





Andorra x Genghis Khan

                 Blue female - SOLD          Badger female - SOLD               Pink female - SOLD




Annabelle x Genghis Khan  





Aqua                    SOLD Jena   Pink                    SOLD   Betty
Purple      SOLD       Kimberly                                      SOLD    Lynn



                        SOLD   Orange     SOLD   Karen
Black        SOLD Jena    









Andorra x  Patou del Bandito

Born 2015

Sold out



Litter born October 5, 2014

Llamaland Daisy x Llamaland Genghis Khan II

3 males and 7 females






Genghis Khan x Sophie

All sold




             Note: The markings always fade a lot, that's why most of them look white as adults                          



A few of the  puppies from previous litter




     Cheyenne Puppy

 owned by Renay & Debbie Roark

   Mobie owned by Chris  & Heather Bohmann     Bentley owned by Lydia & Allan Spiegelman


owned by Lisa Weissman

    Heather's Patou

owned by Heather Couch


owned by Stacy Bode



owned by Anna Collett


owned by Christine Peverini


Owned by Allyson Brack Jones


                                  3 sieblings

Spirit x Genghis Khan II


Maximillian of Llamaland

Spirit x Patou

Owned by Jeffrey M. Starr Sr


Spirit x Patou

Owned by Lynn Scarbough


Owned by the Chetan family


Sierra, 1 y. old - owned by Tracy Sargent

Gengis Khan x Daisey

         Zeus, 1 year old - owned by Ved

              Genghis Khan x Sophie

  Brutus, 1 year old - owned by Ed D.

           Genghis Khan x Andorra



Our Boys



 Llamaland Patou del Bandito



                    Llamaland Genghis Khan







Llamaland Lakota




Our Girls

Andorra de L'Aneto

Kublai Kahn x Llamaland Indy



             Kublai Kahn x Llamaland Indy




Please note:

This is for the non-georgia people - the dogs are not peach color, they are white but living in  the Georgia red clay! 

                                             Annabelle                      Sophie  (Patou x Lorin)







Genghis Khan x Spirit



Genghis Khan x  Andorra



  All of our Great Pyrenees are working dogs, they protect our Llamas  and Sheep.


      Sarge owned  by Kim Francher           



Jenna.jpg (70322 bytes)                                      
Jenna owned by Dr. & Mrs. Ross MacLoed  Rose and Dr. Howard Bonis at one of her  school visits


Also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Great Pyrenees date back to ancient Roman times, brought to Spain by the Romans, where the breed became well established in the Pyrenees Mountains on the border between France and Spain. These large, beautiful and highly intelligent dogs were entrusted with the formidable task of guarding fortresses and protecting sheep from predators, sometimes left alone for days at a time. Highly prized for their working abilities and appearance, the Great Pyrenees was bred pure for centuries, and was even made the official dog of the court of King Louis XIV of France.


cruizer 13 weeks1.jpeg (127688 bytes)

gloria and cruizer.JPG (205470 bytes)

     Cruizer Spirit at 13 weeks, 
     owned by Ken & Gloria Reed
         Cruizer Spirit at 2 years old

In the 1930's the breed found it's way across the Atlantic to the US, in the form of some excellent breeding dogs, and has since become one of the more popular breeds, both for work, and as a loveable family pet. Great Pyrenees are large, regal looking dogs that stand up to 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh in the area of 100 to 130 pounds. They have a dense, double coat, which makes them able to withstand cold and wet weather when performing their duties. The outer coat is long, thick, flat and weather resistant, and there is a dense, woolly, close-fitting undercoat. The coat can be all white, or white with badger, reddish brown, grey or tan markings

Great Pyrenees are gentle giants; they love children and are loyal and protective of their home and family. They are very intelligent dogs.


shannonpuppy.jpg (132955 bytes)



       Shannon and puppy at 3 months
           Angel x Stoney II





                           Vail.JPG (1165906 bytes)    


For more information on Great Pyrenees dogs, check out :






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