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Llamas of Atlanta

Home of Llamaland Pyredoodles





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Welcome to the Llamas of Atlanta website. Our farm is located in Dallas, Georgia, 40 miles north of Atlanta, off I-75. We are a Llama Breeder,  and a Great Pyrenees  & Pyredoodles Dog Breeder Farm



Cutie Petudy





We have Great Pyrenees  and Pyredoodle puppies available several times a year. As a Great Pyrenees dogs breeder for 0ver 25 years, we strive to produce healthy puppies with a good temperament .  bo.JPG (133734 bytes)

Our dogs can be Show Dogs

Cruizer Spirit owned by Ken & Gloria Reed - Best of Breed on 4/1/06

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They can be livestock guardians

Bo owned by Jimmy Dempsey            Atop Keel Mountain in AL

                                                                     or big spoiled pets like Emily Tobin's dog

Thanks for visiting.

Llamas of Atlanta is your number one llama Breeder,  and Great Pyrenees and Pyredoodles Dog Breeder.  



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Llamas at the Carlos Museum - Emory University



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